Crucial Boat Servicing Procedures

Boats are prized possessions that are expensive to both acquire and maintain. For instance, if you want your vessel to last longer, regular maintenance is critical. Notably, servicing is divided into two parts -- short- and long-term maintenance exercises. Despite the importance, some boat owners are mostly unaware of what to consider during boat servicing. Here are a few tips to start you off.

Engine Maintenance -- The engine is the nerve centre of a marine vessel and should be serviced adequately for superior performance. While every engine part is critical, fuel and battery components should be prioritised for power generation. Besides, when taking your boat out of the water for servicing, ensure that the necessary lubricants are applied to protect the engine from tear and wear; for example, gear case oil should be changed in the outboard and stern engine components. Also, ensure that oil and filter changes are done after clocking the specified mileage at sea.

Antifouling -- Prevention of mould growth below the deck is a crucial aspect of long-haul servicing. While most boat owners don't do it often, antifouling services are critical to ensuring that your vessel remains in good shape. The application of antifouling paint prevents marine growth, which is known to eat into a boat's hull over time. If left unchecked, the growth of algae can affect speed and performance since the added weight slows down a vessel -- conservative estimates indicate that speed levels might be reduced by 5 knots. As a rule of thumb, you should ensure that your boat is antifouled at least once a year, especially if it stays in the water most of the time.

Winterising -- Winterising a boat before the onset of freezing temperatures is vital for longevity and should be prioritised during servicing. The drop in temperatures might interfere with the normal operations of a boat and should be mitigated through proper care and service. As a first step, ensure that all water is removed from the engines and the plumbing system since it might freeze and cause irreparable damage to your boat. Besides, add a fuel stabiliser into the engine to give the system an additional cover against the harsh winter weather. Finally, you should cover your boat and store it in a winter-resistant storage facility to minimise damage from ice.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers boat servicing for the type of boat you have.

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