3 Things to Decide If You Want a Tennis Court

Tennis is a very popular sport in Australia and some of the best players of all time have been born and bred here including Margaret Court, Rod Laver, Ash Barty and Nick Kyrgios. If you want to get involved in tennis at home by installing a tennis court, you may think it is easy and that they are all the same. In actuality there are several key differences that you need to consider before you contact a tennis court construction contractor. Here are some of the important things you should consider early on.


There are three types of courts used in tennis: hard courts, grass courts and clay courts. In Australia, most courts are hard courts because they are easier to maintain and have an even bounce. Hard courts are also more accessible than grass or clay courts but the choice is yours. If you want a grass or clay court, be prepared for the price to increase and for a more involved care-taking process. Tennis court construction times vary for different surfaces as well, so if that is important to you, then you should speak with your contractor about what is the fastest surface they can install is.


While grass courts require more maintenance on regular intervals (cutting, watering and fertilising the grass), their problems are much easier to address than hard or synthetic courts. Hard courts need to be constantly monitored for cracks, water damage, mould and dead spots. Any one of those issues could put the court out of action for weeks and cost a lot to repair. That is why it is always important to keep a close eye on how your tennis court ages and to jump at the first signs of something being wrong. Having a cover to put over your hard court is always a good option. The cover will help protect it from the elements when the court is not in use.


Tennis court construction is quite the undertaking. If the place you want your tennis court in is far from an accessible road or at the bottom of a steep incline, then this can skyrocket the costs. This type of location also means it is not easy for you to get to the tennis court when you want to play. While these locations might seem cool in theory, in practice, you should always go for a location that is closer to your home and has easy access. Function should always be prioritised over form when it comes to construction designs. 

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